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If you would like to know about current volunteer roles or paid positions with the Project, and within other relevant organisations, click the links below.



The Carbon Literacy Project wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our dedicated Volunteer Work Force who have given us their time and expertise over the years. In order to support the scale-up, we need volunteer Project Workers who can offer anything from a regular day a week, to a full-time project assignment.

At the moment these roles are unfunded, but we cover reasonable public transport travel expenses (including a bike travel allowance), lunch allowance, and an opportunity to gain documented experience for qualification support or CVs, contributing to a unique groundbreaking project, in Manchester and beyond.

We need a wide range of skills and experience for different roles and from different people. Not exclusively these include: –

  • Administrative support skills;
  • IT database and web skills;
  • Desk-top publishing and graphic skills;

In addition for specific parts of the project we need individuals with practical experience of any of: –

  • The school and education sector;
  • Commercial business experience;
  • Community engagement experience;

If you are interested and think you might have skills and enthusiasm to offer, please:

Complete our downloadable volunteer application form: –

Volunteer Application Form (Word Doc.)
Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Email your CV:


Dave Coleman: info [at]

Amy BennettColin Hill May 2014









Work for the Project

Carbon Literacy is a desirable asset for employers and employees. 62% of young people (21-35) now want to work for a company that makes a positive impact, and half prefer purposeful work to a high salary. Ignoring the mood of the next generation means closing yourself off to two thirds of the young talent pool. A Carbon Literate candidate demonstrates to an employer that they care about the environment, their health and the health of those around them. This makes them directly more employable.

As The Carbon Literacy Project scales up we expect paid positions to become available more often and we will advertise them on this page.

External Recruitment

We choose to advertise positions that are available in our wider circle of business and organisational contacts. Opportunities are listed on the Cooler Projects  website as they become available.

If your organisation is currently recruiting and you would like us to advertise your available roles, fill in this form and email it to info [at] We’ll ensure it reaches our audiences.



We are taking action against climate change and in doing so we are taking very direct responsibility for our economy, our planet, and our way of life. We therefore ask that our volunteers and employees be registered to vote. Here’s why.