What’s a CL4RP?
29th January 2014

As blogged previously, in October we  initiated the Carbon Literacy For Registered Providers project – or CL4RP – a collaborative programme for Social Housing providers to collaboratively design Carbon Literacy learning for  their staff , tenants, suppliers and stakeholders. and their various publics.

CL4RP design session Oct 14

Social landlord representatives at a previous CL design workshop (photo – Micaela Rossi)


Two pieces of news – we had our second Working Group meeting yesterday and it has the real feel of a ‘project underway’ – no need for
explanations, just that good feeling of having  a good group around the table all pitching in with their enthusiasm and knowledge.    We got a long way through planning the project  – from the assessment of existing good practice and training capacity in the consortium members to fundraising and evaluation.  So far, so practical, but what’s binding this particular  Carbon Literacy initiative  together is a sense of commitment, excitement at being part of a world first – married to the skills to make it happen, with a realistic sharing of tasks.

Chaired by Robin Lawler, Chief Executive of Northwards Housing, the Working Group is healthily cross disciplinary – with environment experts working alongside HR and training people – with asset management people in the mix too.  As a template for how a whole sector could get Carbon Literacy rolling this has important lessons – leadership from the top, maximising the use of internal capacity and ensuring that it isn’t left with the tiny ‘environment’ team.  If Carbon Literacy is to cascade, and find itself at the heart of organisations this is the only way it  will proceed.

The other news is that the members of the consortium have agreed to match their enthusiasm for the project with a small financial contribution which will enable Cooler Projects to project manage CL4RP’s.   The roll call of confirmed partners (at time of writing) is:  Rochdale Borough Housing, Northwards Housing, Salix Homes, Stockport Homes, Wigan & Leigh Housing, City South Housing, Wythenshawe Community Housing, Southway Housing, Eastlands Homes, First Choice Oldham, City West Housing, Trafford Housing, Six Town Housing, Regenda Group, St Vincent’s Housing and Great Places Housing.   That is unlikely to be the complete list and new entrants will be updated on this site.  As one of the Working Group members pointed out, cash contributions, welcome as they are, are  far from the end of the story – there is  plenty of hard work ahead  staff time and resource needs to be brought into  the  initiative to make it really fly…..  ‘More news as we get it…’