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The Carbon Literacy Trainer Certification Scheme


Much of the Carbon Literacy (CL) training that has been delivered so far has been done by non-professional trainers who belong to the peer groups of the participants. This is exactly as intended, and it is intended that this continues to be the case. However, some organisations have sought the support of professional trainers or consultants in: (i) developing and customising their own CL training, and/or (ii) in delivering it.

The Project recognised early on that there is a need to identify and distinguish the most experienced and capable trainers, and to enable them to evidence their experience and ability. As a result, the Carbon Literacy Trainer certification scheme has been developed, introducing three distinct tiers of CL Training support certification, each reflecting increasing levels of CL expertise: –

– Carbon Literacy Facilitator (CLF) (Level 1)

– Carbon Literacy Trainer (CLT) (Level 2)

– Carbon Literacy Consultant (CLC) (Level 3)


Why Apply to Achieve Carbon Literacy Trainer Certification?

The CL Trainer Certification Scheme showcases an administrator or facilitator, trainer or consultant as: 1) Carbon Literate; 2) very familiar with the Carbon Literacy Standard; and 3) experienced at a specific level of CL course design and delivery.

– A certified CLF will have a level of experience and expertise in either arranging, organising and supporting and communicating a training initiative for learners to meet the Standard, and/or assisting with the direct delivery of training and supporting learners in a face to face environment.

– A certified CLT/CLC will have a defined level of experience and expertise, as indicated by the certification tier they have achieved, and will have passed an assessment of training delivery and communication skills to reflect that tier.

– A certified CLT/CLC will be given a profile on the online trainer register, and priority in being offered training referrals which come via the Project.The certification will underline trainer and consultancy qualification and experience when trainers pitch for their own CL training work.

– These certifications can contribute directly toward the Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) and Carbon Literacy Training Organisation (CLTO) accreditations of any organisation that the holder works for.


How to Apply?

1. Read the Carbon Literacy Trainer Standard;
2. Notify The Carbon Literacy Project with your intention to submit an application via and tell us what level you plan on applying for. The Project will then issue you with the relevant documentation pack(s).
3. From your documentation pack, fill out a Trainer Application Form (indicating which level you are applying for) and attach your collated document pack and portfolio to evidence your achievement. (Details in the Standard).
4. Submit your completed Application Form, Self-Evaluation Portfolio, all other pieces of evidence and appropriate payment (see Standard) to


How to Become a CLF:

A CLF Will:















How to Become a CLT:

A CLT Will:


















How to Become a CLC:

A CLC Will:

















How Much Does it Cost?

Although very competitively priced within the sector, there is obviously a financial investment involved in being certified as a Carbon Literacy Facilitator, Trainer or Consultant. This is because: (i) The CLP is a registered charity and has to be financially self-sufficient, (ii) the process of trainer certification involves a very welcome but significant investment of time from the Project, and (iii) because the certification process is designed to maintain the number of certified Trainers and Consultants as a small subset of the total pool of trainers. However, we are confident the direct benefits of certification to the recipient will far outweigh the financial and resource investment.

CLF: Cost of Certification: £75

CLT: Cost of Certification: £150

CLC: Cost of Certification: £600 (plus travel if observation exercise outside Manchester). Includes half a day Trainer observation exercise and coaching. Referral pathway, for repeat of observation exercise (only if required): £200 (plus travel if observation exercise outside Manchester). Renewal, after a three-year period: £200. Includes the costs of a further Trainer Observation exercise. Over time the experience requirement for the CLC qualification is likely to increase in order to ensure that the CLC qualification remains with only the most experienced CL Consultants.


Other Questions?

If you have any further questions about any aspect of CLT certification, please contact the Project at