Top 5 Climate Change Websites
9th April 2014

Following our popular “Top 5 Books” resource, we decided the next topic we wanted to tackle was our recommendations as to the “Top 5 Websites”, giving you wholesome, science-based insight into current issues revolving around sustainability and climate change.

When we’re not working incredibly hard on our limitless ideas and missions surrounding Carbon Literacy, we love nothing more than to browse the best websites with a cup of tea and/or biscuit, and discover the latest news, science, discussions, visuals, ideas, movements, campaigns, insight, inspiration and good news stories from across the globe.

There is a wealth of knowledge out there to keep you up to date with all that’s currently going on in the field of climate change: Here are what we think are the top five places to browse.

Feel free to email or tweet us with your further suggestions: if you know better sites: Tell us! and we’ll share them more widely…

Happy browsing!…

The Guardian: EnvironmentA concise and well presented collection of news reports about the environment, climate change, green living and many more topics, from across the globe, with links to excellent resources explaining the science and evidence for climate change a useful basic carbon footprint tool.

Read the latest healthy debates on environmental concerns, climate change, green living, transport, conservation movements and campaigns.

- Find out how much global warming has raised temperatures near you.
- View 20 of the most dramatic and thought-provoking photographs as the Guardian reviews some of 2013's extreme weather cases.
- Use the excellent carbon footprinting tool.

Energy Saving TrustThe Energy Saving Trust aims to help fight climate change by promoting the sustainable use of energy, energy conservation and to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the UK.

This excellent website provides impartial advice to communities and households on how to reduce carbon emissions, use water more sustainably and save money on energy bills.

- Find out how to make your home more efficient.
- Get free advice on how to save energy in your home.

10:10Carbon Cutting for Everyone: 10:10 is a global campaign that has developed an inspirational website, celebrating the good stuff that’s already happening around the world, and helping it spread.

- Discover five no-cost things that you can do to save on heating.
- Read success stories of how everyday people have been making simple changes and successes to help protect our lovely planet!

Skeptical SciencePossibly the most valuable Climate Resource on the web, Skeptical Science presents the broader picture of climate change by using only peer reviewed science and busting every climate denial myth along the way!

Ever been presented with a piece of climate denial you couldn't immediate refute?

Check out the list of myths (currently more than 170) presented by so-called "sceptics" - read what they say , what the science actually says, and decide for yourself.

All of the science is linked back to its original peer-reviewed origin for further reading and reassurance.

Also available as a smartphone app; its Absolutely Brilliant.

GristGrist is a US-based (but nevertheless relevant and always entertaining) source of "intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary."

The site covers climate, environmental awareness, energy, food, cities, politics, business, green living, and the occasional adorable baby animal.

- Find out how London’s newest urban farm is underground - with minimal carbon footprint.
- How humans can still save the day by 2050.
- And of course - how to save bees by refrigerating them.

Grist: "A beacon in the smog"

Just one extra...
Business GreenAn excellent portal for up to the minute news, reviews and discussion on sustainable thinking, particularly for businesses.
Covers politics as it interfaces with business and sustainability, updates in real time, has an excellent twitter feed, and hosts James' Blog: a pithy, intelligent and and insightful blog from Editor James Murray.

We've added this as an extra resource because we think it's wonderful, and we are big fans, but it IS behind a paywall and requires a reasonably hefty subscription fee even for small enterprises...

That said, all the news headlines, blogs and reviews are free, and if you're interested, they do a months free trial to the full site.