Carbon Literacy is a hugely collaborative project.

It is being delivered by scores of people and organisations working in partnership with the project including schools, employers, universities, community groups, hospitals, individual trainers and charities. To that end we want to be able to help our partners deliver the best training that they can and support this by making as many resources available to our partners as possible.

Below is a basic table of some of the documents that you will need to begin and continue with your roll-out of Carbon Literacy ; please feel free to download and think about how to use them.

If you wish to proceed with Carbon Literacy training you must contact us because the alignment of your training to the Standard, and how this is evidenced, has to be agreed before you commence, and there are cost implications for your certification process.

The core Carbon Literacy materials are made available under a Creative Commons 2 licence. We would like you to use them, but please note that if you do so, the project should be credited, and in cases where profit is to be made from their use this has to be agreed with the Carbon Literacy Project in advance.


Resources Library

We also have a growing library of web-based supporting information and resources to help you develop your training materials.
The library is restricted to organisations that have registered their intention to deliver Carbon Literacy training.
If you wish to register please contact us by emailing: enquiries[at], or use our Contact form.


Find a trainer

One of the key features of Carbon Literacy is that training is delivered by peers of whoever is receiving the training. In other words, whoever I am, Carbon Literacy is delivered by “people like me”. (This means being delivered pupil to pupil or by regular teachers in schools and colleges, by workmates, colleagues or peers in the workplace, or by friends and neighbours in the place the learner lives.)

Sometimes however this is not possible entirely on its own, and you and your organisation may need support or need external assistance to do this.

There is therefore an expanding group of voluntary and professional Carbon Literacy trainers drawn from each audience (and therefore peers of those in that audience ) who can assist you in developing and customising your Carbon Literacy training, and help with or deliver it for you.

For more information on Finding a Trainer and the Carbon Literacy Trainer certification, see the Training page.

Carbon Literacy A 13-Step GuideThe Carbon Literacy Project - a 13-step guide to how to get involved and get going with the Project.
Carbon Literacy in a Single SIdeA summary of the Carbon Literacy Project [in a single side] for use within your organisation or group to explain and advocate for the Project.
The Carbon Literacy Standard v1.05 - Executive SummaryAn Executive Summary of the Carbon Literacy Standard (v1.05) covering just the four Core Requirement areas.
The Carbon Literacy Standard v1.05 - Full VersionThe full version of The Carbon Literacy Standard (v1.05) covering the background and origin of the standard, the four Core Requirement areas, measurement protocols, a glossary, and hyperlinks to basic resources.
Carbon Literacy - Price GuidePrice Guide for Criteria Checking your training initiative, Carbon Literacy certification costs and the costs for the Carbon Literacy Trainer certification, and Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation.
Carbon Literacy Criteria Checker - PDF Version

Carbon Literacy Criteria Checker - WORD Version
The Criteria Checker document.

This is the assessment matrix used by the Project to assess if your planned piece of training meets the Carbon Literacy Standard (above). PDF VERSION for hard copy printing.

WORD VERSION for completion and submission electronically.

Carbon Literacy Evidence Form -PDF version

Carbon Literacy Evidence Form - WORD version
Evidence Form

In order for a learner to be certified as Carbon Literate, we require 1) basic details from each of your learners (this helps us to collect information confidentially for possible future studies on the effectiveness of CL) plus 2) evidence that your learner has completed and understood their CL course, and created a personal and a group action (requirements of the CL Standard). This form is the minimum the Project needs to receive to determine whether your learner is Carbon Literate or not.

Word document [should you wish to adapt].

Carbon Literacy Participant Details Form -PDF versionJust the Participant Details form, not the Evidence section.
Carbon Literacy - Certification Request Form - PDF Version

Carbon Literacy - Certification Request Form - WORD Version
This is the form needs to be completed by the trainer or training organisation, for each participant group for whom Carbon Literacy certificates are being requested, and submitted with their evidence portfolio and confirmation of payment.

Carbon Literacy Project - Volunteer Profile Form - WORD Version

Carbon Literacy Project - Volunteer Profile Form - PDF Version
This is the Project's Standard Application form for volunteering opportunities. (You can download Word or PDF).

Further Questions - WORD Version

Further Questions - PDF Version
Trainers, give this form to your learner(s) if you feel they haven't quite met the requirements to be CL certified. We can use this as extra evidence in order to certify them.

Word and PDF versions available.