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Why Apply to Achieve Carbon Literate Organisation Accreditation?

The Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) accreditation is the visible ‘badge’ that showcases an organisation as (i) committed to Carbon Literacy (CL), (ii) having a substantial number of people who are Carbon Literate, and (iii) having a commitment to support its Carbon Literate people and maintain its low carbon culture. An organisation uses this status to better interact with its communities – whether they are staff or customers, neighbours, learners, suppliers or stakeholders.

A Carbon Literate Organisation will typically experience decreased in-house energy and resource consumption, improved organisational profile, healthier and happier staff, a healthier working environment, a safer supply chain, lower variable costs, enhanced competitiveness, and reduced commercial risk.

CLO accreditation also demonstrates an organisation’s corporate social responsibility in the clearest possible way.


What is a Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO)?

The CLO accreditation supports the development (and recruitment and retention) of a Carbon Literate workforce, and requires an organisation to engage positively with its audience or community in developing and delivering low carbon behaviour.

The accreditation has been designed to showcase significant dedication to Carbon Literacy, the four tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) ensuring distinction between organisations showing differing levels of commitment.


How do I apply?

The accreditation is applicable to any organisation, from large corporations to small or medium sized enterprises. Accreditation can be applied for at any level. For example, an organisation that is not currently CLO accredited, may wish to apply directly for Gold or Platinum level accreditation, and enter the scheme at that level. The Carbon Literate Organisation Standard document details the process of gaining CLO accreditation, the benefits conferred, the costs, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.



The Practical Steps to qualify as a Carbon Literate Organisation

1. Download our ‘Become a Carbon Literate Organisation’ application pack by clicking this link.

2. Read the Carbon Literacy Organisation Standard document and FAQs in full;

3. Fill out the CLO Application Form (indicating which tier you are applying for) and collate the supplementary evidence of your achievement (details within the Standard);

3. Submit your completed CLO Application Form, including your evidence and payment to


Levels of Accreditation

There are four levels of accreditation; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, reflecting increasing levels of Carbon Literacy commitment and achievement within an organisation.

Bronze: Awareness

The Bronze level focuses on existing environmental performance and sets a baseline against which to measure improvement.

To become a Bronze CLO your organisation will have:





















Silver: Action

To achieve Silver, organisations need to take action demonstrating practical steps taken to reduce their environmental impact. You will have:






















Gold: Achievement

The Gold accreditation can be applied for by organisations that have made progress, formalised their environmental systems and can verify real results from their improvements.

You will have:























Platinum: Exemplar

Platinum is the highest level of CLO accreditation. You will have:


Costs of Accreditation

The prices shown below reflect the Project’s overheads in delivering the project and this accreditation. These prices include full accreditation for the tier indicated, with personalised CLO certificate and personalised trophy.

NOTE: If your organisation is upgrading from one award to the next, deduct the cumulative cost paid for the previous award(s) from the amount shown for the award and level of organisation being applied for, to arrive at an “upgrade” price. For example, if you’ve already achieved Silver and are going for Gold, and your organisation earns £5m+, the cost is £500.

For more information, please read the prices section of the CLO Standard.

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If you feel that you reach any of these levels already, please get in touch.

Further queries? Please address them to: