Manchester Corridor Greens IT
9th December 2013

Corridor Manchester IT Managers get Carbon Literate - they certainly look like they are enjoying themselves!

Corridor Manchester IT Managers getting Carbon Literate – they certainly look like they are enjoying themselves!

We talk a lot about the Carbon Literacy Standard being consistent across all audiences, but flexible and adaptable enough to be made relevant to any audience “meeting people where they are”.

Here’s a good example: Corridor Manchester Green IT specialists become the first IT managers to meet the Carbon Literacy Standard:

“A pioneering group of senior IT staff from Corridor Manchester partnership organisations have qualified as the UK’s first Carbon Literate IT Managers. Their training is part of an initiative bringing Carbon Literacy to workplaces across the city, reducing damaging climate change emissions and lowering the energy costs of IT for some of the city’s biggest institutions.

Corridor Manchester’s Low Carbon Group identified the greening of IT systems as being one of its key priorities for joint working in order to reduce collective carbon emissions.

Corridor sponsored nine IT professionals who successfully undertook an intensive British Computer Society course and have already put their knowledge to work within their organisations.
Building on this, a Corridor Connections workshop for colleagues to share experiences and support each other in implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions from ICT meant that successful delegates were the first IT staff anywhere to be awarded Carbon Literacy status.

“This is the first time the Carbon Literacy certificate has been awarded for specialist material on Green IT, and shows how the programme can be flexible and adaptable enough to meet the specific knowledge and expertise needs of highly technical staff.” said Claire Lowe, Partnership Manager, Corridor Manchester

“Carbon Literacy is about having an awareness of the Carbon Dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities and the work done by Corridor Manchester is a great example of how building this awareness into our everyday work. It delivers immediate benefits in terms of energy and financial savings but also in terms of building a more sustainable economy and a healthier and safer planet for us all.” said Dave Coleman, Director The Carbon Literacy Project / Cooler Projects CIC “