We’ve set up the following handy packs for you to download. Each pack contains a cover sheet detailing the documents within. To download your pack simply click the relevant link below!


1. Your ‘Introduction to Carbon Literacy’ Pack

An introduction into what Carbon Literacy is, how The Carbon Literacy Project began, and how you can start your Carbon Literacy journey. Download this pack if you are new to the Project.


2. Your ‘Getting Started’ Pack

This pack contains the information to help you design and deliver your first Carbon Literacy course, and the documents you’ll need to submit to the Project so that we can certify your learners as Carbon Literate.

NB: If you wish to proceed with Carbon Literacy training you must contact us first. This is because the alignment of your training to the CL Standard, and how this is evidenced, has to be agreed before you commence, and there are cost implications for your certification process.


3. Your ‘Carbon Literate Organisation’ Pack

This pack contains everything you need to know to achieve CLO accreditation at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level. Only use this pack if you wish to apply to have your organisation accredited as a Carbon Literate Organisation.


4. Your ‘Carbon Literacy Trainer’ Pack

This pack contains information on how to become a certified CL Facilitator, CL Trainer, or CL Consultant. These certifications are not required to roll out Carbon Literacy, but are a qualification you can use to help you if selling CL outside of your organisation, and as a ‘badge of honour’ to highlight your achievements as a CL Facilitator, Trainer and/or Consultant.


5. Your ‘Carbon Literacy: Knowledge e-Learning’ Pack

Download this pack if you wish to purchase Carbon Literacy: Knowledge e-learning for use in CL rollout in your organisation. This pack contains information on how to purchase CLK for use in rolling out Carbon Literacy in your organisation, school, university and/or community. The pack also includes useful helpsheets for you and your learners once you have purchased licences. If you are not yet sure if CLK is suitable for your organisation, read more about our e-learning package here, and/or contact the Project on clk@carbonliteracy to request a demo login.