Carbon Literacy for Registered Providers (CL4RPs)

The Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) aims to offer everyone who livesworks and studies in Greater Manchester, and beyond, a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training – action-based climate change learning that’s relevant to the individual that receives it.

The CL4RPs Project is the CLP’s largest collaborative project to date. Members of the consortium total 20 of the largest Housing Associations across Greater Manchester, who are actively rolling out Carbon Literacy across their entire workforce and are set to disseminate to tenants, residents, suppliers, stakeholders, community groups, supply chains and other connected audiences.

The CL4RPs project represents a major step towards the world’s first Carbon Literate city and an acceleration towards a low carbon culture. The CL4RPs Project acts as a model of how CL can and is cascading across audiences throughout Greater Manchester.


In The Beginning…

The CL4RPs Project began with a breakfast meeting in September 2013, hosted by Sir Richard Leese in his role as Chair of the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub, and attended by the Chief Executives or Regional Directors of more than 20 social landlords.

Following almost unanimous consensus to create the initiative at this meeting, the next step was an October event, where a talented mix of key stakeholders put their heads together to assess how climate change is already impacting the social housing sector, and define how it is likely to impact in the future. Out of this meeting the CL4RPs Working Group assembled, followed quickly by the Writing Group.


The Thinking:

Rather than ‘re-invent the wheel’, we thought it would be logical for similar organisations to work together to design Carbon Literacy training materials for their sector. By working together organisations can share knowledge, best practice, processes, experiences and challenges. Carbon Literacy Trainers can also be shared between organisations. In essence, everyone will be working together as a team to deliver Carbon Literacy, rather than each organisation developing something similar in isolation. If you are thinking of implementing Carbon Literacy in your workplace, talk to us. It’s likely we’ll have others in your sector.


Great Places staff becoming Carbon Literate

Great Places staff becoming Carbon Literate

The Working Group:

Chaired by Robin Lawler, Chief Executive of Northwards Housing, the Working Group is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary mix of HR, asset management and training staff. The Working Group form the foundation of the CL4RPs roll-out, defining process, and sharing knowledge, experiences and challenges.


Progress So Far:

Three separate four-day train-the-trainer initiatives have been successfully delivered to over 60 Registered Providers staff, and community trainers, who are now currently implementing the learning in each of their own organisations. Additionally, over 1,500 CL4RPs staff members are now completing their Carbon Literacy: Knowledge e-learning course. Organisations at the forefront include Northwards Housing, Wigan and Leigh HomesGreat Places Housing Group and Southway Housing, which have almost completely Carbon Literate workforces and are now on the cusp of CL delivery to tenants and residents. In particular: –

St Vincent’s Housing Association: Now have a fully Carbon Literate workforce. Accredited as a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation.

Northwards Housing: 285 members of staff fully trained and fully certified as Carbon Literate; world’s first housing association to be accredited as a Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation.

New Charter Group: Learning delivered to 260 staff; Fully Carbon Literate workforce expected by late 2017. Accredited as a Silver Carbon Literate Organisation.

Wigan & Leigh Housing: Learning delivered to 255 staff; Fully Carbon Literate workforce expected by late 2017.

One Manchester: Pilot programme delivered; Fully Carbon Literate workforce expected by March 2018.

Wythenshawe Community Housing: Fully Carbon Literate workforce expected by March 2017.

CL4RPs is recognised as leading player by Greater Manchester’s Low Carbon Hub Board and have offered their experience to other sectors. The goal going forward is to support Carbon Literacy in being adopted to all sectors of the economy in GM and within the community. There is also potential to extend CL learning to Merseyside, Wales & North East.


The CL4RPs Consortium:

The consortium is made up of the 20 Registered Providers who committed to the CL4RPs Project at the outset.
Any other Registered Providers who wish to contribute and join the collaboration, should contact Cooler and/or the Chair in the first instance.


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