Carbon Literacy (CL) has to be valued if it is to be taken up by everyone. It is valued because it makes a real contribution to residents’ well-being, to the effectiveness of learning, to the employability of learners, to the efficiency of work-places, to the competitiveness of companies – and of course for its role in tackling climate change.

CL also needs to be consistent so that it can be recognised in all the many organisations and communities where it takes root – and that’s why we want CL learners to be certified as having met the requirements of the CL Standard and for learners to get a unique certificate to evidence that achievement.

The CL Project is continually developing, expanding and evolving. If you’re not finding the information you need on our website, please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you.

Please note: Carbon Literacy training delivered without approval by The Carbon Literacy Project via Cooler Projects cannot be described or accredited as Carbon Literacy. If you’re unsure, please get in touch.


I want to get a certificate

CL training is delivered by a very wide range of organisations – in workplaces, communities and places of education. Some of these will ultimately issue their own certificates but at the moment, certificates are only issued by Cooler Projects on behalf of the project. In order for your training to lead to a certificate it must conform to the CL Standard and Cooler will work with your trainer to make sure that this is the case. The trainer will then present evidence of your learning and a certificate can be issued. The  Carbon Literacy Project receives no central funding, so for obvious reasons there has to be a charge for the work required to certify training and certification. Whilst these cost are a fraction of those of most other certification schemes, they are real and need to be factored into your training planning, but the financial benefits of carbon literacy alone outweigh the costs many many times.

The certification pricing matrix is available as a download file Certification Pricing Matrix.


I want to use my skills and experience as a Certified Trainer

We are continually identifying a substantial group of trainers who deliver excellent Carbon Literacy training. In addition to this, in June 2013 we launched our Certified Carbon Literacy Trainer (CCLT) certifcation, which can be applied for by trainers that have delivered a certain number of Carbon Literacy courses. You can therefore guarentee that these trainers are very experienced. If you are interested in delivering Carbon Literacy training professionally and joining our register of Carbon Literacy Trainers, or interested in preparing for our CCLT scheme directly, please get in touch.


I want my training organisation certified to deliver Carbon Literacy

We are also interested in hearing from organisations that wish to be certified as CL Training Organisations (CLTOs). We plan on launching the CLTO certification scheme in December 2014, but feel free to contact us for more information.


I want to get my organisation certified as Carbon Literate

Launching in December 2014, the Carbon Literate Organisation certificate is the visible ‘badge’ that means that your organisation is committed to Carbon Literacy, that a substantial number of your staff are CL trained and that you have a commitment to maintain this capacity. You are also using this status to better interact with your communities – whether they are customers, neighbours, learners or suppliers. There are four levels of certification; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum reflecting increasing levels of Carbon Literacy. If this is something that might interest you, we’d love to hear from you.