Carbon Literacy Reaches China
17th March 2014

Heald Place Primary School in Rusholme, Manchester, was one of the first primary schools to get involved in the Carbon Literacy Project, and they have now taken Carbon Literacy to China.

In October 2013, teachers from Heald Place, and from three other schools in Manchester (Medlock Primary, Manley Park Primary and the East Manchester Academy), visited Beijing for a week as part of the China Links projects organised by One Education and the British Council.

Margaret Lynch-Deakin teaches the students about climate change.

Margaret Lynch-Deakin (top row, third from left) with teachers and students from Donggaodi No. 4

The school has now established an international partnership with Beijing’s Donggaodi No.4 Primary School and together they are working on a work project focused on the environment, which includes Carbon Literacy.

Eco-pupils from Heald Place and their link school have been writing letters, sending photos, skyping and sharing ideas of actions achieved in their own school – including looking at energy, healthy living, water, waste, transport and biodiversity.

Teacher, Margaret Lynch-Deakin, who organised the trip, comments: “Our link school in China has 1200 pupils aged from 6 -11 years old, all of whom were very excited to have us there. I taught two lessons on climate change, with my pupils contributing with role and discussion. I am very excited by this work as it’s good for our children to see other schools and countries fighting climate change together.”

For more information on Heald Place Primary School, what they’re doing and how it can inspire your school and students click here.