Carbon Literacy for Social Landlords
16th October 2013

The CL Project mainly grows through its ability to work with networks and today saw a milestone as a very significant network fully embraced the project. The social landlords of Greater Manchester employ thousands, and house hundreds of thousands of people, and the well-being of their residents is at the heart of their mission. We hoped that engaging them in a conversation about Carbon Lit might not be too hard – and were certainly not disappointed!

SRL @ RP's Breakfast compressed

September saw a breakfast meeting featuring Sir Richard Leese in his role as Chair of the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub, and attended by 20 landlords, represented either by their Chief Executives or Directors. That meeting mandated an event to discuss a collaborative response to Carbon Literacy and it was this planning event which took place this morning. A talented mix of environment , HR, estates and capital investment staff met at Kyocera’s new Technology Centre in Manchester city centre, jointly facilitated by ourselves and Robin Lawler, CEO of Northwards Housing. We’ll post another blog about the detail of the event soon, but in short the meeting determined just how much climate change will impact on social landlords’ key priorities, how having the people they work with being Carbon Literate would really help tackle this and how a collaborative approach can probably help .

During the meeting a key message came across; that social landlords are uniquely placed to work with residents to align Carbon Literacy with well-being (eg. through lower bills and healthier lifestyles) and to influence the many other organisations that they work with. Another key conclusion was that it is entirely reasonable for Carbon Literacy to become a requirement in tenders to supply – as one organisation put it – Carbon Literate social landlords will prefer to work with other Carbon Literate organisations – and it’s an easy way to make sure that the supplier’s environmental pledges actually mean something in the way that they operate. So watch this space….

[photo by CLP Project Worker Micaela Rossi]