Carbon Active 2013

Carbon Active MEN article March 11 2013

Carbon Active 2013 was the first of its kind. The inaugural festival of low carbon culture took place in Halle square in Manchester Arndale from 7th – 9th March, and delivered 3 full days of environmentally friendly fun, aimed to get people thinking about what practical, easy steps they can take towards tackling climate change. Our event was showcased in front of 350,000 Manchester Arndale visitors during the three days.

It was a pleasure to have been visited by the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s Baroness Verma, who took part in our ‘Carbon Classroom’ – where Primary school pupils became the teachers, educating grown-ups about climate change.

During the festival, the University of Manchester’s Sustainable Consumption Institute brought in their hugely popular wormery and held a root vegetable lucky dip. Action for Sustainable Living (AfSL) held seedbomb making workshops to enable people to do their own guerilla gardening. Other highlights included: –

– A reconstruction of a Dwelle eco-house designed by award-winning Manchester architect, Ric Frankland;

– Getting creative with tote bag decorating and the Sustainable Consumption Institute;

– Bike Right‘s energy display, where bikes were peddled to generate electricity for the eco-house and a set of speakers;

– Giant interactive board game about carbon impacts, beautifully designed by St. Peter’s High School of Gorton;

– Cosy climate chats with Manchester Friends of the Earth and our other Carbon Experts.