If you’ve got a good idea, let us support you

The Carbon Literacy Trust Bursary Scheme


Whether it’s introducing beehives to your community, growing your own vegetables, promoting renewable energy, or encouraging sustainable transport, we are committed to supporting young people to make their communities greener, healthier and more sustainable places to be.

The Carbon Literacy Trust bursary scheme is designed to inspire, empower and support young people from across Greater Manchester to make a difference in their communities by developing their own Carbon Literate projects. We’re here to provide the funding to help get your project off the ground.


How to Apply

Applications for the bursary scheme are now open.


1. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria: –Bursaries will be awarded to the most effective and innovative Carbon Literate projects submitted by young people from Greater Manchester.

~ You must be aged between 11 and 17 years of age;
~ You and your project must be located within Greater Manchester.

2. Read this important information: –

~ The bursaries will be awarded to enable young people to become Carbon Literate and/or develop their own low carbon ideas in support of our collective action on climate-change.

~ A bursary may be worth up to £100, and a maximum of one bursary can be applied for per project.

~ There is no minimum or maximum number of people allowed to work on a project.

~ Bursaries will be awarded to the most innovative and effective project proposals.

~ Bursaries will be awarded on a ‘first-come-first served’ basis. We’ll update this page when there are no more bursaries to claim (or contact us at lowcarbonfuture@carbonliteracy.com).

~ Bursaries will pay for: material costs, and any other reasonable costs (eg. travel costs). Whether a cost is reasonable or not is at the discretion of The Carbon Literacy Project and we welcome you to enquire first.

~ Bursaries will NOT pay for anyone’s time.

~ Where a great project will be set up that doesn’t require any funding, we are happy to reward these projects with a bursary (up to £100) that must be used for pay for relevant things (e.g. teaching materials). Whether a expenditure is reasonable or not is at the discretion of The Carbon Literacy Project and we welcome you to enquire first! NB: We can’t award projects that have already been set up, but do something new and give us a shout!

~ Successful applicants will be asked to provide information for a case study for our website and other promotional places (we want to show you off!)

~ Successful applicants may be asked for a reference or financial guarantor if funds are being requested in advance of expenditure and in any case may be asked to provide receipts to prove expenditure.

~ To register your interest in a bursary for either yourself or someone you know, or if would like to receive more information, please email us at lowcarbonfuture@carbonliteracy.com.

Finally – download an application form (Word or PDF). Completed application forms can be emailed to lowcarbonfuture@carbonliteracy.com.

Deadline: there is no final deadline, but as there are unlikely to be more than 20 bursaries in total, we suggest applicants submit their applications as soon as possible.



How the bursaries came to be

What The Light Was Like
by Richard Sharland

Richard Sharland, environmentalist and artist, held his first exhibition in Manchester in April and May 2014, celebrating a decade of his art. The works included watercolours, acrylics and collages, painted over the period 2003 – 2013. The exhibition promoted and supported Manchester Climate Change Agency (formerly Manchester: A Certain Future) and The Carbon Literacy Trust, and 25% of the funds raised from the sale of work in the exhibition was donated to the Trust for the purpose of funding a series of small bursaries for young people aged between 11-17.

From the artwork sold during the exhibition, Richard Sharland is donated an incredible £2000 to the bursaries scheme which will result in awards to at least 20 separate young people’s initiatives.

More info on the event can be found here.


Further Information


The funds donated to the bursaries were enhanced by the artist using Gift Aid and 100% of funds donated will go directly to the bursary scheme.


The Carbon Literacy Trust has been established and is incorporated as a charity (Registered Charity No 1156722) to hold the intellectual property of The Carbon Literacy Project, on behalf of the people of Manchester and beyond, and to support education and understanding of climate change through the dissemination of Carbon Literacy.

Manchester: A Certain Future is Manchester’s collective citizen-generated climate change action plan to substantially reduce emissions and adopt a low carbon culture by 2020. If you’d like any further information, email us at lowcarbonfuture@carbonliteracy.com.